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The Fight For Tomorrow PAC is focused on engaging people from Florida and beyond. Call your friends and family, write a letter to your local representative, share with your local church. Everything helps.

Tell Your Neighbors!

Dear (Neighbor)

Have you heard about this late term abortion initiative from planned parenthood (Ballot Number 23-07)? It is disgusting! It would legalize aborting babies after birth across the State of Florida for any reason.

They are lying to people saying it will "protect women's freedoms" 

Please don't sign the petition and help me tell others the truth.

For additional information visit

Tell your Church!


This past week it has come to my attention that there is an initiative across the State to legalize all abortions (Ballot Number 23-07) The signature gatherers have been deceiving people about what exactly this new law would do saying it will "protect women's freedoms".

I would really appreciate if you could look into it and pass the information on to the rest of the congregation.


For additional information visit

Let Local Officials Know!

Dear (Official)

Recently, I have seen signature gatherers working to legalize all abortions (even post birth) across our State (Ballot Number 23-07) Not only do I completely stand against this, I would like your office to release a statement and start an investigation into the ethics and practices used to collect these signatures. I believe they are deceiving voters as to what this law would actually do.

For additional information visit


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