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Fight For Tommorrow

Who We Are And Why We Fight

Our organization is fueled by a passionate determination to combat the audacity of Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, who have ventured into our beloved state of Florida to propose the deeply concerning Amendment 23-07. We are filled with righteous anger at their attempt to infiltrate our community and impose their agenda upon us. Rest assured, we will fiercely fight this proposal until the very end.

We refuse to allow the sanctity of life to be compromised and the rights of the unborn to be disregarded. Our team, consisting of dedicated parents, impassioned young adults, and politically astute individuals, stands united in our unwavering resolve to protect the future of our state. This proposed amendment represents an egregious affront to our values and the welfare of the unborn, and we will not rest until it is defeated.


Join us in this unwavering fight as we channel our anger into action. Together, we will send a resounding message that our state will not be swayed by external influences seeking to undermine our commitment to the preciousness of life. With your support, we will ensure that the voices of those advocating for the rights of the unborn resonate loudly and decisively. Florida will remain a stronghold of hope and protection, standing tall against the encroachment of harmful ideologies.

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